TEDxMICA 2016 was organized at the MICA campus, in the Mani Ayer Auditorium. TEDxMICA the TEDx event organizing committee of MICA brought together some of the most interesting speakers to host a fiesta of inspirational talks. Celebrities of the likes of Ranveer Brar, Prathap Suthan, Meenakshi Menon were amongst the 11 speakers of the event. The theme of this event was BEYOND and all the speakers shared their stories of how they went beyond the ordinary in their life. The famous chef Ranveer Brar talked about how we are digressing away from our roots by shunning our native food. Founder of Terribly Tiny Tales, ChintanRuparel said, “I loved advertising, but I was creating for others. So I quit and traveled the world. I learned and discovered fascinating stories.” “Musical Photographer”, as audience called her, Bhumika Bhatia said, “I take inspiration from colors, animals and everything around me. You can also do the same. Instead of being a student of the field, you yourself become the field.” The event aimed at inspiring the audience and enabling them to generate ideas to go beyond the ordinary. Salon 2016- The first ever TEDxMICA Salon event was successfully conducted at Cafe Vareitea in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad. The event witnessed students from various colleges across the cities as well as professionals from various fields like marketing, advertising, education and entrepreneurs who presented their views on the TED videos that were shown. The crowd indulged in a very thought-provoking discussion on the theme Serendipity. We successfully hosted the second edition of TEDxMICA Salon at the MICA Campus, Ahmedabad and provided a platform for the community to engage in a thought-provoking journey on the theme "Rainbow Agenda".