Bhumika Bhatia

It all started 6 years ago when Bhumika felt the need to find an outlet to translate her dreams and imagination. And then, photography happened to her. She did her first exhibition “Sublunary World”at the age of 19 and is the only Indian female photographer whose work has been published and exhibited across the world at such a young age including (Jimmy Choo and the Elton John Foundation), Selfridges-London where she was also a runner-up; Paris Fashion Week; and so on. She was featured by Cosmopolitan Magazine as a part of their cover story “People to look out for in 2012” and in magazines such as Digital Photographer, GQ India, Cosmopolitan India, TIME Magazine (Online), Frontpage on Vogue Italia (twice.) and many more.
An amalgamation of vividness, romance, love, desolation, sensitivity, and pain, her images are just like her dreams. And just like her dreams, she only shares what touches her.