Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez is the founding CEO & Managing Editor at People Matters Media. She holds a Postgraduate degree in HRM from EADA (Spain) and a Master’s Degree in Management from ISB, Hyderabad. Until 2008, she worked as a professional manager with a host of Blue Chip companies, like HP and TCS. In 2009, Ester decided to come to India and work on developing India centric data on talent management, leadership, and HR, seeing the absence of any such research content could be referred by CEOs & HR heads. This spurred her idea to start People Matters, a magazine that aims to provide practical aspects of managing, developing and coaching talent in India. What started as a magazine, emerged as India’s single point of reference for knowledge in HR industry in just 6 years.
Ester is very active in various HR and Business forums in India and Internationally. She is currently the Vice President of National HRD Network Delhi & NCR chapter.